Gorge Harbour Marina Resort welcomes you to enjoy the comfort of its many amenities while resting within the wild beauty of Cortes Island on the edge of Desolation Sound, one of the the worlds premiere cruising destinations. Gorge Harbour Marina Resort offers a comfortable home away from home or as a base for adventurous visitors to Cortes and beyond.

We are much more than just a boating and sailing resort, a place to tie up your boat. Tucked along the norther edge of a very scenic Gorge Harbour, marina guest can enjoy all the beauty that the west coast of British Columbia has to offer alongside a full array or amenities and comforts.

Swimming Pool


When I was kid, all I ever wanted was to stay at a place that had a pool. Now that I'm older, I appreciate a great hot tub spa even more. So we decided to put in both.  Read more...



There are many ways to get to Gorge Harbour Marina Resort. By camper to spend the week in a full serviced site, on foot to take the kids on their first tenting trip, by car with friends and family to stay in our cottage, lodge or trailer, by sail or power boat to spend time on the docks, we welcome you all. Read more...

Resort Map


It is easy to find your way around the Gorge Harbour Marina. Our grounds are beautifully landscaped and everything is easy to find. You will receive a detailed map upon arrival or you can download one here.


 Gorge Harbour

Cortes Island


Cortes Island, located on Canada's west coast at the entrance to Desolation Sound, still remains one of British Columbia's unspoiled destinations. Along with spectacular wilderness scenery and wildlife viewing, there are an abundance of beach walking, hiking and shellfish harvesting opportunities. Cortes Island is irrefutably one of the most beautiful destinations in BC, Canada. Read more...

Desolation Sound


Gorge Harbour Marina is located near the entrance of the world famous Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park, and makes a relaxing stopover on sailing trips to and from this breathtaking destination. It is the largest marine park and boasts over 60km of remote coastline for tranquil exploration. It is the best cruising area in BC, and one of the top three best cruising grounds in the world. Read more...